I'm a freelance journalist living in Nelson, New Zealand.

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I post some on my Facebook page, and a few others appear up there under Stories

I'm on TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram, natch. 

I run Featured, a collection of great New Zealand non-fiction. Send us your favourite stories!

Here are some photos I've taken, including reporting from Antarctica, the US, the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Uluru, and Asia.

I'm writing a book on the history of the Nelson Tasman Hospice. Give these good people some money.

I spent six months investigating media representations of Antarctica and presented the results at Antarctica New Zealand's annual conference. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about that research.

I like running, tramping, yoga, biking, poetry, and am a devout Mustachian.

I've developed a troubling dependence on white noise to help me focus on writing. This is my go-to, and I'm also partial to a bit of rolling thunder.

I'd love to hear from you.